Our Heritage


South Oak Principles

At South Oak, our values are rooted in our family history. The wisdom, teachings, and insights passed down by our family patriarch, B.I. Moody III, continue to guide us every single day. It is these very principles that distinguish us from the rest.

The Moody Company

Values Rooted in Family History

BI Moody III’s business career began with Public Accounting as a founding partner of Moody, Broussard, Poche, and Guidry. He progressed to President and CEO of Chart House, where he lead the organizations growth from a reginal franchisee of Burger King’s to a nationwide public company which eventually sold to Pillsbury after 17 years of continued growth.

After retiring from Chart House, he founded The Moody Company to continue to lead and build companies. His greatest accomplishments are being a husband, father of 9, grandfather of 49, and great grandfather of 101.

Today, The Moody Company is led by Kevin Moody where they continue to own and operate investments in multiple sectors and industries (including food and beverage, healthcare, technology, oil and gas, real estate, banking, newspapers, etc.)

In 2003 The University of Louisiana at Lafayette named its business school after BI.Moody III. “His career is a model for success through ability, honor and integrity. He has proved that success is achievable without abandonment of deep-seated principles and values.”

His rare mix of ability, aggressiveness and unyielding integrity is deeply rooted in who we are and who we strive to be at South Oak Capital Partners. 

We are grateful to continue to build on this legacy in South Oak by implementing the same solid business and leadership principles.

Our Leadership Team

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